Michdi Kichdi – 500g


Grainova Michdi | Multi millet Khichdi | Himalayan Millets| Rich in Protein, Iron & Fiber | No Soy or added Sulphites | No added preservatives

About this item:

  • Gluten Free
  • Organically Grown
  • Vegan
  • Total Weight: 500 grms


Grainova Michdi takes our beloved khichdi to next level! Carefully crafted blend of millets and lentils produces a dish that is the perfect healthy alternative to the average khichdi.

Millets add fullness to the texture of khichdi, making Grainova Michdi more satiating and healthier than the average khichdi.

Product Ingredients:

Organic Foxtail Millets, Organic Barnyard Millets, Organic Amaranth, Green Gram

Enhanced by Millets:

Grainova Michdi takes our beloved khichdi to the next level. Carefully crafted blend of millets and lentils, with added fibre and protein takes our Michdi a notch above the average khichdi


Organically grown grains:

Our grains are grown without the use of any pesticides or fertilizers ensuring we bring the best nature has to offer right to your plate


Allergen Free:

Michdi is 100% gluten, tree nut and soy free. It is free from any added preservatives or sulphites as well.





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